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Choosing the Right Dissembler Pro Pole Camera

Selecting the ideal covert camera is crucial for the success of any surveillance mission. Dissembler offers a range of Pro Pole Cameras, each tailored to meet specific needs. Let's dive into the details to help you make an informed decision:

  • Designed for situations requiring extended battery life, offering 60-72 hours of continuous operation.

  • The specialized sensor provides visibility up to 25 times darker than traditional cameras, ensuring optimal performance in low-light conditions.

  • HD resolution (1080p) and versatile recording options, including AI Detection for humans and vehicles.

  • Perfect for scenarios demanding detailed surveillance from a distance with its fixed 3X Zoom feature.

  • Extended battery life, operating continuously for up to 96 hours.

  • AI Detection capabilities for enhanced security, along with traditional recording options.

  • Combines the best of both worlds, featuring both wide-angle and zoom capabilities.

  • Advanced sensor technology ensures visibility in low-light conditions, coupled with Full HD resolution.

  • Extended battery life for prolonged missions.

When choosing a Dissembler Pro Pole Camera, consider factors such as battery life, zoom capabilities, and resolution based on your specific surveillance requirements. Elevate your surveillance game with Dissembler – precision and power in every covert operation.

Need a more compact option? See “Choosing the Right Dissembler Compact Pole Camera” blog post. 

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