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Dissembler Wyze Zoom Camera

Please be advised, to ensure the safe arrival of your Dissembler Camera product during shipping, some items will need to be reattached or put into place, after their delivery. 

  • Please screw on the white mounts. 

  • Please remove the battery from its box and clip into shelf space inside the enclosure. 

1. First Plug in power wire on battery. Make sure camera is also plugged into USB wire.

2. Refer to the Getting Started instructions see link.

3. You should hear “Ready to Connect:

4. If you are resetting camera, press and hold reset button for 30 seconds.

5. Next on your phone download “Wyze” APP

6. Open Wyze APP.

7. Click Plus sign on top left.

8. Click Add Device.

9. Click Cameras.

10. Click Wyze Cam OG.

11. Click Next.

12. If you do not hear ready to connect then Carefully pop camera out of case to access the reset button on the bottom of the device. The SD card slot is also located on the bottom as well. Hold reset button for 5 seconds. You should then hear ready to connect.

13. In the APP check the box It said “Ready…to connect” Then click Begin setup

14. Select a WIFI next work. This is needed to set up camera. The camera will function in the field without WIFI. Enter your password for the WIFI. If your camera includes a Hotspot, connect the Hotspot with the provided USB wire to the power supply inside the camera enclosure. Follow Instructions from Hotspot to setup. SIM is not included. The Hotspot can use SIM from any carrier on a GSM type network, example, ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, Mint Mobile. Cricket to name a few. It does not work on the Verizon Network which is on a CDMA network.

15. Now scan QR code with camera. You will hear “QR Code Scanned”.

16. Name Camera and click Finish.

17. You can add camera plus which gives you more features.

18. You can create or add camera to a group or share the device or skip.

19. Add the camera to Camera Plus if you subscribe or there may be a free trial.

20. Share camera. You may share camera access with someone via email.

21. After setup click the gear top right to get to the settings, then click Advanced. See images below for recommended settings.

22. Charging the battery. Please use the provided charger. Unplug the Battery from camera unit. Plug the battery into the charger for charging. The light will be solid green when charged.

To use the Wyze Wide camera, remove the Wyze Zoom camera. Then remove the Zoom inserts from the camera mount. Then place the Wyze Zoom camera in the mount. Next, follow the Dissembler Wyze Zoom Camera Set-up.

For Hotspot Set-up instructions:

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